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Just lots more pictures, doesn't show everything but might show what you are looking for.  Scroll down, we tried to get them organized but .............

Here is the big 5 ton White truck.  All complete, it should be an easy one to restore.  

This is a very rare pickup box.  Made only for a few months in 1925, it converts a Model T roadster to a pickup.  In 60 years of doing Model T's, this is the nicest one I have ever seen.  

Cute little camper trailer.  

Haul your horse to the Augusta Rodeo in style!!!

Pack saddle and related 

All sorts of small engine powered water pumps.  

Did we mention all the miscellaneous Model T parts??  This is one of several Warford auxiliary transmissions.  

Tires, tires, tires.  Some very good ones for Model T, some 14 inch, etc. 

This is a Briggs and Stratton WMB, the engine that powered the washing machine on a lot of farms and ranches in the 30's before electricity came along.  One of the greatest blessings to a farm wife ever.  If you have a boy or girl about 10, buy them one of these and a set of wrenches to work on it and get it running.  More fun than a video game and they will learn something!

Some nice Model T wheels.  

Model T wire wheel 

This the wood for the 28 Chevrolet truck.  It is all there, somebody took it apart and only got this far with the project.  The engine, radiator, etc is all there and ready for you to finish the restoration.  

LincolnWelder with Wisconsin V4 engine power.  Cliff used this pretty recently.  

We found this under a tarp in a Datsun pickup box trailer with a topper protecting it.  It is a Military surplus heavy duty high power generator.  Shows, 5. 3 Hours on the meter.  120/230/24 volt, lots of circuits and outputs, electric start flat four Hercules engine.  Great backup power, this unit would run a lot of heat and power during an emergency.  Appears to be unused but always covered and maintained.  

Heavy duty log splitter.  It was built to go on the back of the Case D tractor with the loader on it.  We will sell the tractor and loader first and then this.  It runs off the tractor hydraulics so it should have plenty of split power.  

We took a picture of the best side.  Mid 60's Dodge with a V8,probably a 318.  

Yes, we are selling this wood pile and another smaller one.  

This Case tractor is a 500 Diesel and should be running for the auciton  

There are a couple saddles, probably not rare but nice old saddles and sure collectible.  Several bridles, some harness, pack saddles, quite a bit of it when you pile it all up. Always kept inside and dry.  

Several engines that we don't know what they are or what they fit but somebody needs to take them home and preserve them so they don't go to scrap.  

Several Model T engines, this one is a 26/7.  It was made into a power unit years back.  Cliff took the plugs out and put pipe plugs in to keep them dry, they turn over.  One is a 1916 that looks like they had it running not long ago. 

Big old air compressor.  Your guess is as good as ours.  Probably used in construction or mining.  Cliff liked this kind of thing a lot.  
So will you!!!

Water pump with a Wisconsin V4 engine 

Probably restorable or a lot of good parts on this Chevy pickup.  
Wheels and tires for just about anything.  That is a Chevy truck cab on the left.  

It is a shaker for screening gravel 

This is the chassis of a 1927 Studebaker.  Big 6 engine, lots of good parts and hard to find.  

Toronados for parts

Lots of good parts on this old GMC.  The hood and doors are close to perfect and the grill has a lot of good bars.  

5 14/15 photo additions --  Just the way we took them.