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Scroll down for more pics and info including the Hit and Miss engines.  

1969 TRAVCO Motorhome.  Recent conversion to (we are told) a Chrysler 440 engine, lots of other work done.  This is a classic.  Clean it up, check the tires and brakes and go to a classic motorhome convention or just use it for what it was intended.  We were told it runs and drives fine.  These were top of the line in the day.  Don't you just love that ladder for getting up to the top?  

This old Travco is a real piece of art.  1969, runs and drives, recent Chrysler 440 installed by a shop in Craig.  A little cleanup and you're on the road to Barrett Jackson!  

When Gold Fleck and brown shades Shag carpet makes a comeback -- and we all know it will -- you will be the most styling coach in the show.  

Seriously, these old Travco's are getting very collectible and are hard to find in original condition. Check out some of the sales on ebay and the internet, you will be amazed.  Lots of "Classic R V" clubs are springing up, be part of them with this original Travco from 1969.  Groovy!!

This is a John Deere 1 1/2 HP E engine.  It turns over and appears to have run pretty recently.

Below is the Northwestern 1 1/2 HP engine.  It has an interesting spiral gear valve drive.  It turns over and appears to have run pretty recently.  

McCormick Deering 1 1/2 HP engine.  We did not try to turn it over because that is a good way to break the rocker arm if the valves are stuck.

Heavy Duty trailer made from mobile home axles and a truck frame.  Pintle hitch including the hook that goes in receiver on your pickup and we have a title for it.  It has permanent plates on it now.  

Model T Ford Big Drum Ruckstell, all complete with hubs, wheels, long nose shift lock, right out from under a Model T.  These are hard to find all complete and not rusted all to pieces!  There are also 2 25/7 T engine and several Warford transmissions as well as some miscellaneous T parts.  

I will be posting a few more Model T pictures soon.  GoDaddy, which used to be the best webhost there was now has a tendency to move photos around or kick some off if you get too much on one page.  

In the first advertising we had listed this as a 14.  It is a 1916.  It is all complete, turns over and looks like it was running not too long ago.  Notice the lawn mower gas tank and the coil box.  It will have coils in it the day of the auction but we won't have it running.  


This Cub is all restored and was done by Cliff's brother in law a few years back.  It needed a tire fixed and a new battery and fired right up and runs.  These are a great entry into tractor collecting, easy to haul, parts are readily available and cheap and there are several clubs that support them.  They are a great first tractor for kids, too, and there are lots of implements around so you can actually get some work done with them.  

This is just the cutest little tractor.  We put in a battery and gas, fooled with the ignition wiring for a couple minutes and it fired right up.  Somebody has done some work on this, it has new back tires, a new carb kit, other little things and it runs like a little jewel.  I've been driving it around in place of my 4 wheeler.  Harder to get on and off and doesn't ride as well but it's a fun toy.   It is a 1960 International Cub.

  One thing to note is that the sheet metal is very straight, hardly a dent or rusted spot on the tin.  It was painted at some time in it's life with a brush -- and not a very good job.  It will clean up and be a nice little tractor.  

This is a 1928 Chevrolet one ton truck chassis.  Nearly all the parts are there, the sheet metal and wood is there, the radiator and shell, etc.  The was a project somebody took apart and lost interest in.  It would not take much to get it running and would be a show stopper when it's finished.