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Here are some of the things we drug out of the sheds in the last few days.  

Among the things we found that register pretty high on the cool scale are two Winchester Axes -- one full size and one hatchet size.  Didn't get a picture of those.  

6-6 Update -- We finally got to unpack the Griswold collection and spread it out so we could see what is there.  There are some very nice pieces and worth coming to the auction for if you are a Griswold collector.  

I added a page --- 414 Griswold -- so it will load faster.  It also includes information about the antiques.  

6-5 update:  We are finally going to be able to spread the Griswold and other cast iron out and take photos today.  

I will also have photos and a very short list of what few antiques are still in the auction. Nearly everything "antiquie" left with the family although there are still some neat things and fun stuff.  

Also note that the tools we had anticipated beginning the auction with are almost all gone so we will be beginning the auction with a trailer of a few tools, some pack saddles and harness type items and one saddle that I should be able to get photos of if it is going to stay in the auction.  If you are coming for the cars you might want to make a real effort to be there before 11 as we will be starting on the cars as soon as we are done with the small trailer of horse/pack/harness items and a few other small "get the auction up and running" even if it is not 11.  

Thanks, Stan Howe

For some reason, godaddy -- the web host-- keeps kicking some photos off and duplicating others.  I dunno.  However, I have photos of the Griswold and a few other things that will be added on Sunday June 5 after I get back to the office from working on setup.  Check back!!