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Real Estate will sell at 1 PM


Front - facing north.  

East wall with walk door -- the east fence is technically the west boundary of an alley between the shop lots and the vacant lots to the east which are 30 x 120. 

Interior of the main shop.  The balcony is 12 feet deep.  

Well built with trusses.

Main building with sliding doors, walk door on the east side. 

Looking down Main Street to the west.  The shop sets on the two 50 x 150 lots and the crawler tractors are setting on the vacant 30 x 120 foot lots.  

Note the orientation of the lots.  The lots the shop sets on are 50 feet deep from Main Street so there is a total depth of 100 feet to the south of the edge of Main Street.  The lots are 150 feet long so from the fence east of the shop to the fence west of the shop is 150 feet.  The combination makes the lot 150 feet east to west and 100 feet north to south.  

There is a 20 foot wide alley between the east boundary of the 50 x 150 lots and the west boundary of the two 30 x 120 foot lots.  This cannot be built on.  

Electrical service, wired and lighted in both sides of the buildings 

Steel walk door into the west storage area.  

Back or south wall.  

Interior of the west storage addition

A copy of the original plat of Gilman.  Main street runs east and west.  The 50 x 150 lots actually front on the street to the west as well as main street.  Washington, the street to the west side, is for all purposes abandoned - as is the alley between the west lots and the east lots.  However, the boundary remains in effect and no buildings can be erected on the alley or streets.  

This is an auction, the property is not for sale prior to the auction.  

Property will sell to the highest bidder with seller's approval of final price. 

TERMS:  Cash or bankable check for $5000 earnest money day of auction, payable to the auction company, balance due in full on or before July 15, 2016.  There is no owner financing available on this property, it is a cash sale only.  Final payment will be made by cash, bankable check or other instrument acceptable to seller's attorney and auction company.  

Possession of the property by buyer will be after final payment and closing by seller's attorney.  

Title insurance will be provided by seller.  2016 taxes will be prorated to date of closing.  

Closing will be by the seller's attorney.  Closing and title transfer costs will be paid by seller.   

There are no known covenants on this property, however, Gilman is still an incorporated town.   

Property sells as is-where is with any and all faults, disclosed and undisclosed assumed by the buyer.  The property is available for pre-auction inspection by contacting auctioneer Stan Howe at 406-949-3448 for an inspection tour.  Prospective buyers must avail themselves of the opportunity to inspect property and buildings prior to bidding and understand the terms of the auction and accept them prior to bidding.  No default of buyer will be accepted.  Seller holds clear title to the property and will transfer that title upon final payment.  Failure to make final payment will be cause for auction company/seller to retain the full earnest money payment. Buy agrees that no recourse may be taken against seller or auction company if final payment can not or is not made.  

It will be the buyer's responsibility to do final cleanup from the prior occupancy and the June 11th auction of any remaining items on the property at the time of closing and possession although the seller will do the major cleanup after the auction.  

Additional terms and conditions may apply.

Announcements day of auction take precedence over any printed or web site information.  

Real Estate on the Main Street of Gilman.  Near highway 287.  Two 50 x 150 lots with a 48 x 60 foot pole style building.  Two 30 x 120 lots with no buildings.  

Power to the building, wired and lighted.  Main building was built about 15 years ago, side addition about 12 years ago.  Has been used as a shop and car storage.  Gravel floors.  

Taxes for 2016 for the two lots and shop building were $257.12

For the two vacant lots the taxes were $179.16

  Contact Stan Howe at 406-949-3448.