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414 Wilson 1915 REO

Please note the auction schedule if you are coming to bid on the REO or other cars.  The auction begins at 10 AM Mountain Time.  The cars are scheduled to start selling at 11 AM but we may vary earlier or later than that by a few minutes. THE REO WILL BE THE SECOND OR THIRD CAR SOLD.   There are very few tools and pieces of horse gear to sell before we get to the cars so you may want to make a real effort to get there on time.  Also note that the cars will be out on Friday June 10, from noon to 7 PM.  We will start the REO for you and depending on how it works out, may be able to give you a short ride.  We will NOT be driving the car on the day of the auction but will start it several times.  

It runs great.  Leaks water but that should be some pretty easy fixes.  Water pump packing, hoses, etc, the rad doesn't leak as far as we can tell.  We changed the oil a couple times to make sure there was good, fresh oil in it.   All the new tires made a whole different car out of the way it drives.  As of Saturday June 4th I have driven it a little over 17 miles working on it, giving rides, just taking it for a spin, etc.  It is a very cool old car.  The horn button is on the driver's door and I have been honking it until I think everybody in Gilman has heard it all they want to.  

Here are the last photos we will be adding before the auction.  We took these Sunday the 5th before we left and also make a little video that is linked on here to you tube.  We drove it around quite a bit Saturday and Sunday, gave some rides, showed some people the car and overall just had a great time with it.  Have to check the water because it has a few dribbles here and there but it doesn't over heat and runs very well.  It must have really been something in 1915!!!

Here is the video link.  Louie held the camera and I drove around the old town of Gilman.  Lotsa fun.

Here is another one of me driving the car down the street.


SUNDAY, MAY 15, 2016

THE REO RUNS AND DRIVES.  Yesterday we pulled it out to where we could work on it easier, put a battery and gas in it, filled it with water, oiled up the valves, cranked it over to lube it up a little, turned on the ignition and it started right up.  We let it idle for a few minutes, made sure we understood the controls and took it for a drive up and down the Main Street of Gilman, around the block and up to the bottom of the north hill.  It runs and drives amazingly well, the speedometer and odometer work, I put almost 2 miles on it, from 10, 574 to 10,575+.  The generator charges, it runs on mag as well as battery, everything works, it steers very well and the brakes work.  It needs the carburetor cleaned and the water pump leaks fixed but overall it is an amazing condition for being 101 years old.  

Tuesday, May 24, 2016 update. 
After looking over the tires and taking a couple of them off to be repaired we decided to install a new set of Goodrich 34 x 4 1/2 tires all around.  They are on their way from Coker and should be here in plenty of time to get them mounted and ready for the auction.  We will save the old tires and include them with the sale.  

Saturday, May 28th.  Don't they look GOOD!!!  Got the tires on today, got the cleaned carburetor on, it runs very well and with the new tires drives better.  Put several miles on it today giving rides and tuning it up a little.  

Here is the find of the day.  Mrs. Wilson showed us this painting which was done before they bought the car, when it was owned by Jack in Dummond.  How cool is this.  Probably early 50's ......................

The anguish is over!  We found the gas tank upstairs in the shop at the house.  Cliff must have put it up there years ago.  We have been running it on the vacuum tank to get it running and driving but John found the tank Sunday so the drama is over.  

Here is the REO gas tank.  Note the REO script in the gas gaug

Following is a disclaimer about the REO.  

It is presented to us as a 1915 and has a clear Montana title stating it is a 1915.  However, due to it being 101 years old it is the buyer's determination as to whether it is a 1915  or other nearby year.  We are researching the car and believe at this point it is a 1915.  Make your own determination before bidding.  

Thanks to the people who helped establish the serial number locations.  We cleaned the engine number off yesterday, the number is 15 738.  The tag on the driver's side seat riser is also 15 738.  There are photos below.  I assume this means it is a 1915 model, the 738th one built but I have no proof of that.  You decide what it means and buy what you believe it to be.  

I also took about another 50 photos and will post them tonight or tomorrow.  Check back.   
We have had a couple helpful people tell us where to find the serial number (if there is one) and the engine number, which should be there.  As soon as I get back to where the auction is and the car is stored, about 100 miles away, I will try to find those numbers and post them.  

Thanks for all the interest and the help on this car.  

(Here is a little note to the guy who called me and told me REO never built a six cylinder car and I don't know what the hell I'm talking about.  Count the valves.  6 intake valves would indicate to me there is a cylinder below each one of those.  Six plugs would be a pretty good indication, too, in my world.  And no, it is not a later Chevrolet engine.)  
I will be posting more photos after we get it cleaned up a little.  Again, we are just going to hand wash it and vacuum it out.  No pressure wash, no engine cleanup, it will sell as it has been since new --- an original 1915 REO roadster.  

We took some video of it running and driving, that are up on you tube.  It was very dark and overcast today and spitting a little rain, made it hard to get a very good video but you can see it run and drive.  We cleaned it up a little and got a few better photos but did not want to let it get rained on and get the seats wet so we put it away and will have better photos in a few days.  

Here are the you tube links:

May 14, 2016 update

It runs!!  It drives!!  Coming out of the shop for the first time in years, it didn't take us 30 minutes to oil it up and get it running.  


This is one of the most interesting cars we have ever sold.  It is an original 1915 REO Close Coupled Roadster, 6 cylinder, one of only
a few known to exist and probably the only unrestored original in the world.  It came from Philipsburg where it is believed to have been purchased new.  It spend many years in Drummond and Cliff bought it and brought it to Augusta many years ago.  It has been kept in original condition with a few small upgrades but nothing significant.  

It will be running and driving for the auction, however we have decided to do only minimal work beyond blowing the dust off, hand washing it and having it ready to go to a new home.  We do not want to try to treat or soften the original leather upholstery, we do not want to put the top up, etc.  It retains 101 years of patina and remains in excellent condition considering the years.  

Note that we will be accepting absentee bids on the car.  If you are interested in placing an absentee bid you need to contact Stan Howe at 406-949-3448 or soon.  We do not do internet bidding, however we can arrange to call you and have you bid on the phone if we have your deposit and paperwork prior to the auction.  

We have not had it out of the building where it has been stored so the photos are pretty marginal.  The engine turns over and has battery ignition as well as magneto so it should start right up.  It was last run in about 2007 or 8 in a parade.  

If you would like to see the REO in person we can make arrangements to meet you in Gilman and give you some time with the car.  Look at the photos and call with questions.  We want this to go to a good home -- it may be your turn to steward the car for the future.  Notice the number 19 Montana Pioneer License plate on the REO.  It must have been one of the first ones issued when the Pioneer license was established and will go with the car. 

Yes, we have a clear Montana title for the car.  

YES, WE HAVE THE HOOD, WE TOOK IT OFF TO TAKE THE ENGINE PHOTOS. Note that the hood is on the car in the first photo below.    

May 10th update.  We will be getting the REO out within the next few days, airing up the tires, getting it running and going for a drive.  I will post more photos at that time and will have more information about the REO.