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Rustless In Montana A partnership formed in 2017 Cut

 Bank, Montana to purchase and resell much of the

 inventory of Jim’s Auto, a salvage/wrecking yard. Jim

 and JoAn Printy started the yard and acquiring vehicles

 west of Cut Bank in 1967. From a small 1 acre yard they

 have accumulated over 1600 cars, pickups, trucks, vans,

 trailers, tractors and numerous other salvage items and

 scrap metal spread out over 5 locations covering acres.

 Health issues motivated their need to sell and three

 partners were willing to take on the task of liquidating it.

 Merle Shortman had the vision to take this project on and

 sought help for the monumental task ahead. Merle and

 his wife Mona are the owner/operators of M & M Iron in

 Cut Bank buying and selling new and used iron and scrap

 metals, recycling aluminum, copper, brass and virtually

 anything made of metal. Shane Hegle, the owner of

 Hegle’s Sales and Service brings his 4 decades of

 experience in the auto repair, used vehicle sales and

 salvage yard operations to the team. Rounding out the

 partnership is Dave Bell, the owner of Bell Motor

 Company a Chevrolet-Buick dealer with over 40 years in

 the car business. These three best friends are all “car

 guys”, collectors, pickers and have a passion for history

 and helping preserve it. They pooled their resources and

 made a deal to purchase most of the inventory from Jim

 and JoAn.They want to get these vehicles out of the yard

 and into the hands of other enthusiasts, collectors and


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Here is a fun video to watch!  This is from Dennis Salvage  - a TV show that visits salvage yards.  They came and did a video of much of what is in the auction.  You probably know his show as Bring 'em Back to Life!  Check this out!!!

There is now a pdf listing of the vehicles.  Follow this link to download it.


This will be the collector car auction of the decade in Montana.  Phase one is scheduled for August 26th near Cut Bank (Glacier Park area) which will feature over 300 collector cars, pickups, trucks along with some collector tractors and antique machinery.  

These are projects and parts, a STREET RODDER'S DREAM AND A RESTORER'S PARADISE!!  

AT THIS TIME, DUE TO THE TREMENDOUS NUMBER OF VEHICLES AND THE NEED TO GET THE ADVERTISING UP AND RUNNING AND THE WEB SITES DONE WE HAVE NOT OPENED THE HOODS AND CHECKED ON ENGINES, ETC.  MOST will have engines, and are complete but there are also many that are body shells or missing engines, etc.  We will try to check them out and add that information as time goes on this summer.  Keep checking back.  For now, check out the photos and make plans to attend.  There will be inspection Friday the 25th from Noon to 7 PM with registration from 3-7 PM Friday.  


ORDER:  THERE are virtually NO small items, we will start with the cars at the beginning of the auction.  

This and the 2018 Phase two will be the auction of the decade in Montana. You will not believe all the cars and pickups that are here. I took over 400 photos as well as about an hour of video and did not cover every vehicle. I've been there about 5 times now and every time I see things I had missed before. There are some other facebook pages people have put up that have more photos, drone coverage, etc. but we are all trying to get it up and running. I will try to keep a list of all of those on the web site. Search Rustless in Montana on Facebook and like it so it comes up in your status when you open it again. There is also a companion web site, Check all of these in addition to this site for updates. Mark your calendars and rent your room now! Cut Bank is a jump off town for Glacier Park and the motels will fill up fast. NOTE THESE THINGS: 1. We don't sell pallets of junk all day "holding the crowd for the better items. If you have ever been to one of my auctions you know you need to be there and ready to bid when we start. Good merchandise right from the beginning of the auction. 2. We will START WITH THE CARS. At this point the plan is two bullet nose Studebaker 2 doors are the first two cars. A Rambler Marlin is 5 or 6 cars in. Shoebox Fords right off the bat. Be there and be ready. 3. There are NO boxes of household junk and very few small parts on pallets or trailers of miscellaneous to wade through and what there is will sell at the END of the auction. There are no tools, no tool boxes, nothing like that on this session. 4. There are about 10 gas pumps, they will sell at the end of the second row of cars. 5. My last count is that there are slightly over 300 cars, pickups and trucks. There are about another 100 lots of tractors, machinery, etc, and then the stacks and stacks of hoods, doors, trunk lids, etc. 6. We think we will be done in one day, however, we are holding the door open to finishing up some of the flywheel engines, etc. on Sunday if we run out of daylight Saturday. 7. Be ready to register! Everybody should know by this time that you are going to have to have a valid ID to register and we may require some additional information in addition to that ID. Bank info etc. Be ready. You do not want to drive hundreds of miles and then not be able to get a bidder card and participate in the auction. Note that if you tell us you are going to pay cash instead of a check you will still be required to have an ID and full registration information in order to register and bid. 8. EVERY part of the auction from the entry to the parking area, registration, bidding, payment, load out and any other activity on our grounds is videoed, photographed and audio recorded. Your attendance grants us the right to record and photograph. There will be uniformed and non-uniformed security on site. It is unfortunate we have to do this. But we do. 9. We look forward to seeing you at the auction. This is not an auction for small children or dogs. Leave them home. 10. There is NOTHING for sale prior to the auction. 11. There will be an inspection time the day prior to the auction during which time you will be able to register so you don't have to stand in line the morning of the auction. We will have at LEAST 5 registration lines running the morning of the auction. 12. Hope to see you there, come up and introduce yourself to us when you get a chance. Myself - Stan Howe, Stan Buckholz and another guy will be the auctioneers. We all have years of experience and don't need to dazzle anybody with how fast we are. If you are not sure of a bid, stop us and ask us. We move along fairly quickly but this is not a cattle auction nor a commercial Auto Auction and we try to give you a chance to spend your money. 13. Bring lots of money and somebody to bid against you! If you can't find somebody to bid against you we'll see if we can find somebody. C U in August.