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Saturday september 26, register 9 am, auction 10 am
id required to register.  

Well, here is an exercise in frustration.  I have been typing for an hour and it wouldn't upload to the GoDaddy site and save it.  New computer -- learning curve.  

This auction was scheduled for July but due to the health concerns we rescheduled it to September 26.

The auction in on-site in Dewey, 20 miles south of the I-90 I-15 Interchange west of Butte.  Take the Divide exit and go six miles west to Dewey.  Signs will be posted.  

Note the order of the auction.....  Registration and inspection is a 9 AM, Auction starts at 10 AM with Tools and items from the shop.  At Noon we will sell the Yamaha 4 wheeler, the Snowblower, the Motorcycles, the trailers, etc., and then move to the house where we will sell the larger pieces of furniture and appliances in place.  

Also note how we will sell the these items.  
Many of the small collectible items, household items such as dishes, bedding, towels, etc will be "Estate Sale" style.  Items will be priced and that sale will start at 9 AM and continue throughout the auction.  There are a lot of small collectible items, some nice small appliances, etc.  You will need to register for the auction prior to attending the estate sale and buying.  

Electronics in the shed will sell as follows.  We will have a couple tables set up outside the shed, items that buyers want sold individually can be brought out during the auction and near the end of the auction we will auction those items and then offer what is left in the shed in large lots.  -- A great opportunity for collectors, ebayers, etc 

Since some buyers may not be comfortable attending a live auction, we will accept absentee bids on some larger items including the storage sheds.  We will be there Friday afternoon if you wish to come early and look and leave some bids.  The high absentee bid will be the opening bid for the live bidding.  

There are tons of tools, automotive and woodworking, Paul loved tools and working with his hands, many of the tools are new or nearly new, many Craftsman and Stanley, Makita, Delta, etc. 
There is a Makita folding table saw like new, a panel saw, a couple chop saw, many clamps and useful tools and supplies + a small amount of lumber.  

Mechanics tools fill several tool boxes + there are lots of supplies, jump starts, several new batteries, chemicals, etc.  Since many of the tools are well sorted in the boxes we will sell them as a tool chest with the tools inside included.  Others will sell in small lots or individually.  

There are two of Paul's racing motorcycles from his days as a dirt tracker.  A 1999 Yamaha 125 and a 2005 Honda 80 + another one from the same era.  The Cherokee trailer was used to haul his dirt bikes and is a nice one, all lined in white board, approx 10 feet long and 7 wide, well built and good to go.  There is also a 10 foot flatbed trailer with wooden sides, also good to go. 

One of the outstanding items is a virtually new Yamaha Grizzly 700 4 x 4 with snow plow.  It shows just over 400 miles.  I doubt that it has ever been out of the yard.  There is also a new Honda track type snow blower that appears to be unused. 

The house is full of beautiful furniture, showcased by a magnificent Howard Miller Grandfather Clock, worthy of any fine home.  Triple chime, moon phase dials, weight driven, showcases on both sides of the case.  It, like everything in the house, is like new.  A beautiful Hickory dining room set with seating for 8 and a matching hutch, a round oak table with two pressback chairs, a sofa, two beds, one of which Paul made from local timber, a near new Maytag washer and dryer,  There is an office full of desks and storage cabinets along with some older computer equipment.  Many feet of nice bookcases line the hallway walls, there will be some books for sale.  

One highlight of the collectibles is a reproduction set made by Andy and Kathy Miller, of early Native Parfletches and bags as well as a fine Antler horn knife with Obsidian blade and a sheath with original 
white heart red beads from the late 1700's.

As the learning curve is continuing and our Internet service is so slow we are having all sorts of problems loading photos.  Hopefully we will get some expert help soon and get them loaded. 

In the meantime, please follow this link to our Auction Zip page, take a look at the photos there or email us at for a full color brochure.

Just ignore the popup ads on there.  It costs fifty bucks to get an auction listing on Auction Zip and then they sell popup ad spots and put them on the page.  No way to get them off.  

Thanks and check back soon.  (I'm old and my learning curve gets steeper every day.  This is a new computer and we have not figured out how to get photos on it so we can upload them here.)   After ten years with the old one I was getting it all figured out but it got too old to work on today's internet so we had to get a new one.  Every computer I have is newer than the newest vehicle I have but .......................