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Auction Results

While we can't post the results from every item from every auction, there are always a few highlights.  Until recently, this web site didn't have room enough to add this page, we recently upgraded the web site and are listing a few of the outstanding items from past auctions. 

Havre, May 2009, Coffee Grinder, $1900

Gas Pump, Helena, June 2009, $2350

Bears from the Lost Woodsman Gallery Auction -- Don't remember what the brought but they sure were popular. 

Tire sign from the 1920's, Havre, Tom Kellar Auction, May 2009, $2600

Bronze cat from the Lost Woodsman Gallery, Lincoln, July 2009, $3300

Neon Chevrolet sign, Have, Tom Kellar Collection, May 2009, $12,500

Model A Mailcar, Havre, Tom Kellar Collection, May 2009, $13,000