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WILSON 414  

The auction is all over, everything is gone, scattered to other collectors and some to the great iron pile in the great unknown. 

Some Prices:  Chevy pickup - $6500 
REO - $21,000 gone to Maine 
Packard - $8500 gone to Billings

Model T pickup - $5300 gone to Heron 

VW Bug - $4500 gone to Virginia 

Farmall Cub - $4500 gone to Havre

International Loboy -- $3250 gone to Havre

D7 - engine stuck - $3000

R120 IHC -- $3500 gone to Choteau

Griswold 13 inch Skillet -- $725 gone to Fort Benton

Thanks to everybody who came to the auction, we had a great day, 271 bidder numbers out, people from 4 or 5 states and Alberta!  

See you at the next one, we have several more coming up this summer and fall, check back.  

Stan Howe 

A note about the auction in general.  We spent the weekend of June 3rd, 4th, 5th moving the outdoor part of the auction to a different location.  We did not have enough room where
we were and there were access issues with the land owner.  It made a couple days extra work for us but will be better for the auction.  It is now located in a field just to the west and south of the buildings with lots of room for nearby parking and loading out.  If you are bringing a trailer, please watch for the trailer gate sign to the south of the auction and pull in there.  If you miss it you can make a big loop down main street and go around the bank and down the street to the south and pull back to the west.  There is a lot of room to park so bring your big trailer if you want.  

We will have a John Deere 4430 loader tractor on site to load bigger items and a little Kubota loader tractor with pallet forks for loading engines etc.

We would like to have everything that needs to be tractor loaded gone by early Sunday afternoon as John needs to get back to haying.  Every thing except the scrap iron pile needs to be gone by Monday June 12 by dark.  Anything you leave is liable to be hauled to the dump or given to somebody who will haul it away.  Nobody working on this auction lives in Augusta, we are driving 100 miles to get there and need to move on to the next couple auctions we have coming up in Billings and North Dakota so we will not be back after Sunday.  

WE want to say a thank you to John Hankins, Mrs. Wilson's son in law and grandson Steve Hankins for getting the cars and tractors running and working on the auction set up for us. Also to Mrs. Wilson and daughter Suzie for all good meals and extra time and work they did to make set up go smoothly.  Thanks also to Dennis Baumgartner for all the help.

Scroll down past all the print to get to the photos.  

Brian's Top Notch cafe is doing the concessions, there will be porta potties on site and the weather forcast is looking good!  Should be a great day for an auction.

By the way, Mel's Diner has wonderful Ice Cream and cones the size they used to be.  Both Mel's and the Western Bar have great cheeseburgers, Mel's probably edges them out a little but they are both great places to eat.  If you have never had a cold one in Augusta you need to stop in for one, there are several fine watering holes and after a day at the auction you will be ready for one.  Just remember to pay before you leave and take your stuff with you instead of going for a few cold ones and trying to remember to come back and get what you bought.  

There is a lot of stuff, you'll find a treasure or two at this one.  

On another note, due to a family emergency we are going to be short a couple people who were planning on working.  If you would like to work or have a teenager or two needing a day's work have them call Stan at 949-3448

May 24, 2016 

I have had several inquiries about consigning to the auction.  We do have room for a few vehicles or larger items such as tractors and it should be a good auction to sell.  However, everything on this auction other than the real estate is being presented without a formal reserve and there will be nothing bought back or anyone bidding on it on behalf of the seller or the auction company.  Any consignments will have to meet those same requirements.  I require a signed and notarized title for the vehicle at the time of consignment and the consignment form has a "no bidding - no funny business" statement the consignor must sign or we won't take it.  I will not advertise any item until I have the title in hand.  It will go home with a new owner.  

As a general practice, we will identify any bidder in the crowd.  We do not do Internet, we take very few absentee or telephone bids, we run a straight up operation and expect our sellers and consignors to do the same.  An auction is rolling the dice and hoping everybody comes out happy, both seller and buyer.  If you can not roll the dice and think you have to protect your items while everybody else is rolling the dice we do not need your consignment.  I have survived and done well in the auction business for nearly 35 years and this has been my policy since I started.  It will continue to be my policy.  When our auctions do have reserves on items we bid to the highest bid and if the reserve is not met we give the high bidder the opportunity to meet the reserve and purchase the item.  Nobody has to tell any lies that way and nearly always, the high bidder will meet the reserve price or at the least has had the opportunity to do so.  No trying to cover anything up or "selling" it to some shill bidder and everyone lying about it later.  

For this auction we are taking absentee/telephone bids on 3 items only.  The 1915 REO, the 1950 Packard and the D7.  Bidders must be pre approved, no phone calls the morning of the auction wanting to bid absentee.  That said, I can connect you with a couple people who will bid for you but it is NOT part of my auction service.  They are required to pay in full at the end of the auction like anyone else.  Your arrangements with them are your arrangements with them, not with us.  If someone on my crew is bidding it is either for themselves or they are bidding on behalf of their absentee bidder, not mine except for the 3 items listed for absentee bids.  

Generally speaking, my belief is that:
1.  The guy who got up early and drove 300 miles or came the day before and stayed in a motel and spent two or three days and a bunch of money to attend the auction should be the guy getting the deal if there is a deal.  

2.  You be there, you look at it, you bid on it, you buy it, you own it.  We will hand you a paid receipt and it is yours to take home.  No snivel if there is a cotter pin missing later.  It was there to inspect.  I do not believe in bidding against you for some guy sitting home in front of his computer and then hoping I get paid later and that he is happy after we ship it to him.  

3.  I'm not in the mail order business, this is not Wally World.  You buy it, you own it, you haul it, it's yours, you don't have 30 days to decide if this is what you wanted or not.  It's a done deal.  

4. I have another auction to deal with  next week and the week after and a couple more after that.  We get the money the day of the auction, pay the seller and move on.  No waiting to see if the internet bidder really does want it and actually has the money to pay for it.  

5.  At the most, we will have 3 absentee buyers to deal with.  

We do have several consigned vehicles coming in, I will have the information on them by the weekend and will put up a new page for them.  Thanks, Stan

Questions?  Stan Howe 406-949-3448  I own the company, you are welcome to call me personally.   


We do several pages of photos to keep the loading times down for people with dial up or slow connections.  

The web hosting company has a tendency to kick photos off if there are too many so we have lost a few the last few days, I've been trying to keep checking and putting them back up and they keep getting kicked off so I added ANOTHER PAGE ---- 414 WILSON MORE UPDATES tonight.  Check the photos there.  Thanks

6-5 update:  We are finally going to be able to spread the Griswold and other cast iron out and take photos today.  

I will also have photos and a very short list of what few antiques are still in the auction. Nearly everything "antiquie" left with the family although there are still some neat things and fun stuff.  

Also note that the tools we had anticipated beginning the auction with are almost all gone so we will be beginning the auction with a trailer of a few tools, some pack saddles and harness type items and one saddle that I should be able to get photos of if it is going to stay in the auction.  If you are coming for the cars you might want to make a real effort to be there before 11 as we will be starting on the cars as soon as we are done with the small trailer of horse/pack/harness items and a few other small "get the auction up and running" even if it is not 11.  

Thanks, Stan Howe

6-6 Update -- We finally got to unpack the Griswold collection and spread it out so we could see what is there.  There are some very nice pieces and worth coming to the auction for if you are a Griswold collector.  

I added a page --- 414 Griswold -- so it will load faster.  It also includes information about the antiques.  

We are still having problems with the web host kicking photos off, I'm trying to keep them reloaded but I guess we are posting too many photos on one page.  Cheap Website but we've had it so long we know how to work it and a new host would have a learning curve I'm not sure I could keep up with.  

The Cliff Wilson Estate 
Collector Vehicles -- Tractors -- Antiques -- Cast Iron Collection
Saturday June 11
Gilman, Montana - two miles north of Augusta on 287 

Inspection 12-7 PM  Friday June 10 
8 AM Day of Auction 
Auction Schedule -- 10 AM Shop tools 11 AM Restored & Running Vehicles & Tractors followed by Project and Parts Vehicles, Parts, Remaining shop items & Scrap iron. 
We will run a SECOND RING selling the Cast Iron & Misc Antiques in the main shop while we are finishing up the shop and pallets of parts and misc outside in the afternoon.  


Photo ID required for registration


Terms:  Cash or Bankable Check in US Funds day of Auction.  No credit cards. See for additional terms & conditions. 

This is an ON-SITE AUCTION - no Internet, we will accept Absentee/Telephone bids on REO, Packard & D7 only. See website for details.  

Most of these vehicles have Montana titles (t) and are vintage licensed.  Many will be running for the auction and are drivable.  However, we suggest you haul your purchases due to potential issues with brakes, lights, etc.  


1915 REO close coupled Roadster, probably the finest remaining original example today.  An original Montana car with Pioneer license #19.  Very well preserved with some paint work many years ago, original upholstery and top, totally original drive train, wheels, etc., etc.  6 cylinder F head, 3 speed transmission. 3 passenger seating with a fold up jump seat.  Will be running and driving by auction, shows 10,574 miles which is probably accurate.  An opportunity to own one of the rarest early American cars, only a few others are known to exist, none original. 101 years old and eligible for HCCA membership.   (t)  See the page 414 REO for many photos and more info.  

1950 Packard 4 door sedan.  A stunning restoration of a rare example of one of the finest American brands.  Straight 8 engine with 3 speed & Overdrive, it is mostly original with newer paint and upholstery.  Runs like new, drives like the luxury car it is.  Maroon & Black with woodgrain dash, factory radio, etc.  (t)

1951 Pontiac Chieftan 4 door.  Beautiful survivor car with newer paint & upholstery.  Mechanically restored with engine & transmission overhaul, etc.  Straight 8 engine with 3 speed.  Light Blue. (t)

Two 1960's Oldsmobile Toronado coupes. The front wheel drive that changed the automotive world.  These are in excellent condition, light cosmetics and mechanics will return these to top condition.  Running and driving.  We also have 2 project Toros.  (t)

1967 Volkswagon -- fully restored, runs great and looks like near new.  (t)

1950 Chevy pickup.  Recent engine upgrade, paint, etc., it starts, runs and drives very well. (t)

1968 Chevy 3/4 ton 4 wheel drive dually, V8, steel flatbed with electric hoist -- very nice.  (t)

1927 Model T Ford pickup, cut down sedan body, Ruckstell + a Weduno Auxiliary transmission, runs well, drives fine for a Model T and is lots of fun.  (t)

Caterpillar D7 Dozer -- much work done in recent years, it should be running by the auction

AC M Dozer, running.  This is from 1932-1942 and one of only 14,500 made.  Rare to find in running condition, this one starts and runs well, the tin is good and other than an added alternator seems to be all original.  

2 AC C row crop tractors -- one with sickle mower.  Both running, 

Case D Utility with loader, nice old tractor, we are using it for setup.  

Case 500 Diesel tractor, running 

Farmall Cub Tractor -- restored, new tires, runs like new, with 2 row cultivator and hyd lift. 

Farmall Cub Lowboy -- complete, new tires, runs very well, was painted with a brush at some point in its life but the tin is good and very little rust.  It is a 1960 Model.    

1969  Travco Motor home on Dodge 440 Chassis, recent engine work -- CLASSIC!!!  (t)

1980 Subaru (t)  Runs.  

1949 Ford F3, all original with stockrack 
1947 Studebaker 1 Ton pickup complete (t)
1927 Studebaker Chassis 6 cylinder
1926/7 Ford TT with express box 
1968 IHC pickup (t)
1947 GMC truck (t)
1949 Cadillac Sedan -- complete (t)
1949 Dodge Dump Truck (t)
Dune Buggy -- 1956 Volks based (t)
1949 White Super Power truck(t)
1916 Dodge 
1940's Dodge Power Wagon with Lincoln 400 Amp DC welder.
1928 Chevrolet one ton project.  Chassis and drive train are complete, cab and box were disassembled for restoration and then abandoned in a granary for many years.  A worthy project.  
Ranger Track ATV 1959 complete
Bantam 2 wheel trailer
Check the photos on our website for more!!!!

PARTS - Model T Ford
1916 Model T engine complete, turns over
Model T engines -- 2 26/7 complete + 
Model T wheels & tires, some new some used
Big drum Ruckstell complete with drive shaft and shifter - barn fresh
1925 Pickup Box -- complete with tailgate, excellent condition
Carbs, starters, generators, etc. 
Aluminum Warford + 3 or 4 Cast Warfords
Lotsa Model T stuff!!!

John Deere 1 1/2 Horse E 
McCormick Deering 1 1/2 Horse
Northwestern 1 1/2 Horse
All good originals, should run.  See the photos and updates page for photos.  

20+ Small engines, Wisconsin, Briggs, Clinton, Etc incl 2 Briggs WMB complete with tanks

1940's Bantam Dragline on Dodge Truck.  Cliff cleaned a million miles of ditch with this.  

Several heavy trucks, Chevy, Dodge, etc. with a great White Superpower 5 ton that is all complete, looks like it would run and has a solid cab.  Worthy of restoration!! 


Several trailers; Heavy Duty log splitter;  Lincoln Welder w/Wisc V4; Several engines --20's - 50's; Tires; Generators; Air compressors; Usual assortment of shop tools & parts.  Shop manuals, Pallets and pallets of usable items.  

ANTIQUES - Many pieces of Cast Iron, Griswold, Lodge, etc.  Sewing machines. Ice Cream Freezers, Harness, Bits, Saddles both stock and pack, Crocks, much more.  



OUR 414TH AUCTION SINCE June 1982 -- Properly Organized -- Widely Advertised -- Honesty Sold -- Promptly Settled 

Stan Howe -- Bob Miller -- Stan Buckholz -- Auctioneers 

Reba Buckholz -- Donna Smith -- Cashiers 

These are just a few photos of the cars, more to follow, please check back often.  Note that if you double click the photos they will open in a new window with a larger image.  

Gorgeous 1950 Packard sedan, straight 8 engine, runs strong and smooth, 3 speed and overdrive.  Newer paint and upholstery, has had engine work and includes some extra parts, fuel pump, water pump, gasket set, etc.  It came from Washington from David Burnham, a car collector, antique dealer, aircraft engineer and fountain of knowledge and passion like few others for American cars and quality.  He and Cliff were great friends and after David finished restoring this car, Cliff bought it from him about 15 years ago.  

1951 Pontiac Chieftan sedan, straight 8, 3 speed transmission, recent rebuild on both, new water pump, new tires when Cliff purchased it, runs out strong and quiet.  See the sheet below on work that was done before Cliff bought it.  He bought both the Packard and the Pontiac from long time friend and Montana collector and dealer David Burnham from Philipsburg &  Missoula.  

We have been told that this is an original Milltown, Montana car that David bought from the long time owner and then restored.  

We apologize that the first listing said this was 3 speed and overdrive.  That was wrong, the overdrive is in the Packard but not in the Pontiac.  

How could you not love this Model T?  It is a 27, the body cut down from a Tudor sedan sometime in the 30's or 40's to this cute little pickup.  It runs pretty well, has a big drum Ruckstell as well as another auxiliary transmission, more pedals to push and levers to shift that you can imagine.  It drives very well -- considering it is 90 years old -- still runs on timer and coils and the Holley NH carb.  Notice the 1940's or 50's license decal in the windshield.  Lotsa fun and we'll even give you a lesson in how to drive a Model T if you buy it.  

There are a lot of Model T parts also including this big drum Ruckstell that will also sell.  

A very nice 1925 Model T Truck with an express box.  The boxes are impossible to find that are not all rusted out, this is probably the nicest one I've seen in years.  The cab is solid and both of the doors are there. It could be brought back to life pretty easily.  The trucks in general are rare, the good express boxes like this are made from unobtainium.  

A really nice little 67 Volkswagon, rebuilt engine, some other work done but mostly just a very nice original showing 86,000 miles.  We drove it around quite a bit, it runs strong and drives straight down the road.  Like all of these cars, you should haul it home and make sure the brakes are right and the oil is fresh, etc. before you set out on a big trip but wouldn't this be a fun way to take one??  

1950 Chevy pickup.  Cliff had a lot of work done to this after he bought it, a newer engine -- probably a 235 6 cylinder, had it painted, tires, etc.  I probably drove it ten miles down to the stockyards to take these photos and back to Gilman, it starts, runs and drives like a new 50 Chevy pickup except the brakes are really scary.  

One of the 4 Toronados.  This one is far better looking in person, I don't know why I didn't get better pictures of it.  It runs great and has the best sounding dual exhaust you've ever heard.  Big American V8, front wheel drive, big deep cushioned seats, you could drive these a thousand miles a day and go dancing when you got there.  This one is nice, needs very little to be a very good driver or nice show car.  Don't miss it.  The other Toronado is also very nice, runs great and are pretty much road ready.  They have cool headlights that open when you turn the lights on.  

There are 3 other Toronados, two are parts cars and there is this gorgeous blue one.  It is a runner and driver, sounds great and should be a very easy restoration of this rare and desirable year and model.  The automatic headlight doors work, the interior is excellent, over all it is a very nice car.  


1968 Chevy  Dually 4 x 4 with steel flatbed, electric hoist and PTO winch on the front.  V8, 4 speed, nice pickup, just right for Montana roads summer or winter.  


White SuperPower 5 ton